I will provide you with a file name for each activity. It will be your last name followed by the activity name. DO NOT PUT ANY SPACES BETWEEN THE WORDS IN FILENAME or SYMBOLS. If you are using MS Word, save as a .doc (not docx) or .rtf.
1st Assignment - Word Cloud due 9-12Follow this link http://www.wordle.net/ to create a Word Cloud that describes yourself. Repeating a word will be emphasize on the picture. Practice a few times before you create the one to turn in.
Please follow these directions carefully.
When you are finished, take a Print Screen of the wordle - (hold down Shift+Ctrl+PrintScreen button)
Now open a Word document and Paste the picture of your word cloud. Crop off all unnecessary borders or screen, then resize to about 4"x6". This doesn't have to be exact, but I don't want full 8x10 pictures. This will take to long to download and store.
Save this as LastNameWordCloud.doc or LastNameWordCloud.rtf
Make a copy and drop into Dropbox.

2nd Assignment - All About Me Storyboard due 9-16/ 9-17Go to the LC Portal to download a copy of the storyboard. Many people plan and organize their projects before they begin. Cartoonist use storyboards to sketch characters and narrations. Use the storyboard to plan out your All About Me digial movie you will be making next. You will need 8-10 digital photos and either narrate the story or provide some text to move the story along. Music is also an option.
For this portion - arrange your photos on the storyboard and note either narration or music line that will accompany.
Save this as LastNameStoryboard.doc or LastNameStoryboard.rtf
Make a copy and drop into Dropbox.

3rd Assignment - All About Me Digital Storytelling Download Photostory or Movie Maker
Using your storyboard as a guide, create a movie with the photos you have collected. Be sure they are in logical sequence so as to tell a story. Add narration, text and/or music. You must have either narration or text. The text should not cover the main focal point and should be in a font color that contrast with the background.

4th Assignment - Clementine Hunter Picture
Google the artist Clementine Hunter and study some of her art work, particularly the plantation pictures. Note how she layers her work.
Using the program Paint and her artistic design, create your own picture about a day in your life. Title your art work and be sure to sign it.
Save this as LastNameCHpicture.jpg and drop into Dropbox by 2:00p.m.

5th Assignment - Famous Louisianan Trading Card -2:00 p.m.
1. Choose a Famous Louisianans (pdf file below) andresearch that person. Include the following information if applicable: birthdate/birthplace, death, marriage(s), major accomplishments and any other information you think is of interest. Save a photo.
2.THE PROMPTS. I have used MS Publisher because it is easy to move text and clipart placements around, but you can use Word or another program that will give you the same results. Greeting Card programs, such as Print Shop, work great if you have one installed.
3. Insert your information into your trading card. Watch out for spelling and formatting. You may add color to text or to the word art. Be sure it looks professional and is readable. Yellow, bold in Create a Trading Card - look at the Trading Card Template (pdf file below) and recreate. DO NOT INCLUDE certain fonts are hard to read.
4. Save as LastnameTradingCard.pdf or rtf. Drop a copy into Dropbox on or before the due date.

6th Assignment - Famous Louisiana Paper Slider Following the technique you viewed in the Rock, Paper, Scissor video, and according to what we discussed in our online meeting, create a paper slider video using the information you researched on your famous La person.
Name the file Lastnameslider and drop a copy into Dropbox. Most of you will be using your cell phones to video, so you will need to email the video to yourself - save it on your computer - rename - then drop into dropbox.