Course Objective

The objective of this course is to enable pre-service teachers to develop effective technological skills in the usage of various forms of technology in order to support and enhance existing school curriculum.

1. Technology Enriched projects - modeling instructions of how to integrate technology in the class curriculum.
2. Introduction to Web 2.0 tools - Social Bookmarking (Diigo)
3. Introduction to Web 2.0 tools - ClassChatter (Blogging)
4. Introduction to Web 2.0 tools - DropBox
5. Introduction to Web 2.0 tools - Google Drive
6. Chapter Projects (outside assignments)
7. Final Project
8. Usage of Email

MMj02889280000[1].gifGrading Procedure

ATTENDANCE: College regulations prohits granting credit for course if the student fails to attend 75 percent of the meetings during the semester. If the student is enrolled at the end of the semester and he falls below 75 percent attendance, he/she will be assigned the grade of "F." A 10-point penalty will be imposed for each tardy without a valide (in my opinion)
NOTE: LA INTECH projects are completed and turned in after each class period. Since each session builds off the previous class, attendance is crucial!!!!!
Outside Assignments are assigned one-to-three weeks in advance, therefore, you have plenty of time to complete the assignment.
I will not accept any work late!



1. Technology Enriched projects are completed projects showing examples of modeling instructions of how to integrate technology in a class curriculum. (100 pts)
2. Diigo - Social Bookmarking site (50 pts.) Web 2.0 skill
3. Classchatter blog (50 pts each ) Web 2.0 skill
4. Create and Share a DropBox folder (5 pts) Web 2.0 skill
5. Create and Share Google Folder (5 pts) Web. 2.0 skill
6. Chapter Projects (pts. will vary)
7. Final Project (Lesson Plan 40 pts)
8. Email (5 pts.)

grading scale 2.jpg
A 435-460
B 409-434

C 383-408

D 357-382

F 0-356


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