Portfolio Guidelines

This portfolio should reflect you and your personality.

It will be on going - a work in progress - ever changing.


Required: Your will use Powerpoint to create your portfolio.

  • Title Page - include your photo and state your educational philosophy
  • Introduction Page - this will introduce the portfolio (only) - what will the viewer find in this portfolio
  • Resume' - you may type directly into the slide or insert a document. Go online to find Resume templates.
  • Diploma Tab - have this section noted even though you might not have anything to place in the area
  • Projects from Ed 290 class - if you did not turn in a project, you will not include it.
    Layout for this area - title of project, materials used to create the project, and your reflections on the project - did you enjoy the project, do you see educational value in the classroom etc.
  • Classchatter - insert each blog you completed. Be sure include the question or topic. This may be one slide or several slides.
  • Diigo tab - insert URL - describe the assignment and purpose
  • Personal section - might include hobbies, special interest, vacations, mission work etc.
  • Awards/Certificates - those earned while in college ( scan as .jpg or pdf files)

Other notes: This is NOT a Powerpoint presentation. Do not treat it as one.
  • No transitions, animation, or timing
  • Be sure font is readable
  • Font color should contrast with background - stay away from yellow
  • Include Footer - Name, Portfolio, Education 290

Ed290A & Ed 290B Projects:
  1. Wordle ( word cloud) include the website
  2. Pick Your Number
  3. Clementine Hunter Style Picture
  4. Digital Storyboard
  5. Digital Story Video ( All About Me)
  6. iPad - Geometry Hunt
    1. Pic Collage
    2. Videolicious
  7. Google - Ooops! I Invented What?
    1. Documents
    2. Presentations
    3. Forms
    4. Responses
  8. Excel - Weather Chart